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The mission of Twicmayardit Relief Society is to raise awareness about the lack of basic necessities in Twic County, South Sudan and raise funds to help orphans and all those who are underprivileged by devastation of civil war in Sudan, to have access to basic education, healthcare and clean water. Twicmayardit Relief Society serves to fulfill the educational needs, healthcare and clean water in Twic County. Our goal is to provide children and their families in war-torn Twic County, South Sudan with educational opportunities, health care and clean water they deserve through donations and fundraising based in British Columbia. Our aim is also to drill wells on the school campuses in Twic County to provide students and the surrounding community a source of clean drinking water. It is our hope that Twicmayardit Relief Society's programs will allow the Twic mayardit people to restore their County to greatness.