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Dr. Laz - world renowned musician, author, conflict resolution specialist, speaker, & special educator. Director of Project CURE, a unique racial harmony group that began shortly after the Crown Heights race riots in the 90's. His third book, Sharing Turf, about these wild events, inspired the movie "Crown Heights" which stars Howie Mandel as Dr. Laz. His first book, Skullcaps 'N Switchblades, is now in its 4th printing and has won several major awards. Dr. Laz has won "Teacher of the Year" award from two different public school districts; Buffalo, NY & the Broward County Public Schools - the nation's 5th largest school district. He was inducted into the Teachers Hall of Fame in 2008. His latest book is "Teach Me If You Can!" His multi-ethnic music group, Dr. Laz & The CURE!, has performed all over the world and brings a refreshing blend of styles, including rock, reggae, bluegrass, hassidic, rap, jazz, gospel, blues, & even some doo-wop! His group has played for US Congress and opened for Al Green, The Winans, & The Manhattans. He's been called by the media a "stereotype breaker & true renaissance man."