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Chicago Paranormal Tours Videos by Edward Shanahan, a Spirit Feeler, Medium and Paranormal Host of Chicago Paranormal Nights with locations to explore and experience the paranormal in the Chicago land area. The hours of videos and 40 photos on this App are from the Chicago land areas S.W. Suburbs haunted historic locations. Edward has lived his whole life within ten minutes of many of the locations and he has experienced these locations, locations that most authors or the ghost tours that go to the areas just talk about and never have experienced the locations for any length of time. The video tours include: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Grimes Sisters grave site, the Miracle Child's Grave Site, Archer Woods Cemrtery, Haunted Archer Road and the locations that make it such Native American Healing Waters and more. Also video from a tour Edward held for radio host Finnigan and his crew from 103.5 Kiss FM of the one time brothel and speakeasy in Willow Springs, IL. and more. The photos include rare images from Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Archer Woods Cemetery and locations not on videos like Senator John Humphrey House, the Iron Works in Joliet, Haunted Willow Creek Farm. Even photos of the Spirit Feelers who assist Edward Shanahan. The knowledge Edward Shanahan has with these haunted locations has seen him written about in four different paranormal authors books and he has written his own Paranormal and Spiritual book.