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    Finger Blood Pressure (BP Test prank) measures the accurate blood pressure of your body along with heart beat (pulse) rate together. it provides easiest way of checking out your blood pressure. Fingerprint Blood Pressure/sugar/group will provide you the most easiest way of checking out your prank blood pressure , you must have to be careful about your slow or high heart beat rate,blood sugar(glucose) rate ,blood group and body temperature. This app takes finger prints of your thumb and computes the data into exact DIA and SYS. it works Just like a prank scanner to calculate your blood pressure. Play prank with high bp patients to make them satisfied. The symptoms of high bloop pressure can be measured by heart beat rate or pulse rate. Make them satisfied if the treatment of high blood level is getting improve day by day. The result of this Finger Blood pressure can satisfy BP patients. It is designed in such a way that if someone is not aware of the trick can never get whether it is a prank application or real. People would think as if it is a real Blood Pressure Calculating application. App Features: ★ HD Graphics with realistic blood pressure monitoring digital device. ★ Takes fingerprints scans of your thumb and calculates results ★ Realistic scanning animations with finger press ★ Simulate blood pressure monitor sounds with animated graph waves. ★Digital Blood pressure readings (systolic,dialysis) ★ LED panel on left side shows the run time BP level during scanning. ★ Displays the result in three different levels (Low, Average, High) ★ Hit Retry button to recheck BP Level to satisfy your patient How to Use: ★ Select a gender (Make, Female) ★ Select your exact age as it effects on Blood pressure readings. ★ Place your middle finger gently on the fingerprint scanner and wait for the analysis. ★ After the scanning completes check the blood pressure readings on screen Disclaimer: All medical reports like Blood sugar test,body temperature or blood pressure Prank are developed for entertainment purpose only. It always detects or calculate accurate blood sugar level or bloop pressure with Fake readings. Readings for body temperature and blood level( SYS, DIA) with pulse heart rates are randomly generate by the app Please don’t forget to rate us and give your feedback. In case you feel some trouble to use this app we would love to resolve the issue and will try our level best to make it better. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you. Enjoy this free doctor game!