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    Bringing 40 years of traditional kung fu experience with in depth lessons in traditional longfist kung fu and Yang style tai chi chuan. We are not your tough guy, strong ego martial arts school, but instead we are a kung fu training academy with a positive and enthusiastic learning environment that teaches adults how to increase their strength, improve their health, have fun, and forget about the outside world for a while. We specialize in working with beginners where they have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. So, your level of fitness is not that important of a factor because we work on improving your level, no matter where you are in terms of physical fitness. A longer life maybe...a better life absolutely. Our classes may very well increase your longevity, but the real value lies in increased wellness and enjoyment of life right now. None of us know whether we'll be here tomorrow, so the important question is, "What are you doing for yourself right now?"