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    Simple Mehndi Designs 2015" is an app for all those mehndi lovers who wish to have their hands red on various cultural celebrations and occasions. Mehndi app offers a user friendly interface and features that help users make the most out of latest mehndi designs. The app consists of following categories and features. Categories: "Simple Mehndi Designs 2015" app consists of all the major categories which the users search for on the internet and want to draw them on their body. Latest Mehndi Designs – The app gives the latest mehndi designs to the users and they can easily see the contemporary mehndi designs popular around the world. Easy Mehndi Designs – For users who cannot draw complex designs, this category offers easy mehndi designs which the users of different ages can easily draw on hand and body. Arabic Mehndi Designs – For users with Arabic background this category contains Mehndi designs that are popular in the Arabic world. Indian Mehndi Designs – For Indian users who want to draw Mehndi designs on Holi celebrations or on Kanrwa Chauth events, this category brings Indian mehndi designs. Pakistani Mehndi Designs – For Pakistani users this category brings Mehndi designs that are popular in Pakistan. Bridal Mehndi Designs – For brides that are to marry soon this category offers bridal Mehndi designs that are elegant for marriages and wedding functions. Foot mehndi Designs – Users who want to draw henna designs on their foot, this category offers simple and easy foot mehndi designs. Henna Designs – Those who want to draw traditional designs of henna, this category gives them the simple, old and new henna designs. Henna Tattoo – This category gives the tattoo designs with a mixture of Henna, thus allowing users to draw latest henna tattoos. Features: "Simple Mehndi Designs 2015" offers the following features to users: Users can download respective images from the app Users can share a mehndi design to other people using different sharing platforms Users can share the whole app with other friends and family members Users can also set a particular mehndi design image as a wallpaper "Simple Mehndi Designs 2015" is the best app in market with all kinds of new and latest mehndi designs and useful features. Download the app and share your feedback in the form of comments with us. Disclaimer: We do not host the content provided in this app, it is available online for free in public domains. This app is just an organized way to surf and stream files available online and you can use special format. We do not claim rights on any file in this app, all content is the copyright of their respective owners.