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    Mobo Market is your very own Android Market App, helping you find the Games & Apps in your local area that are perfect for you! Features -Geotargeting: Geolocation based content pushing system, helping you discover popular Games & Apps around you; -Interest based: We guess what app you may like and giving you the Apps that are perfect for you; -Daily updates: Keep you updated with the trending Apps in the market; -Focused on top Apps: A well organized App & Game top chart, knowing what App everybody is using; -App collection: Pick the apps & games according to by type and content, like Christmas game collection; -App manager: Full control over downloads, updates, and installation/removal of Apps. Moborobo Inc. aims to offer the most user friendly and integrated products to its users, in order to provide more convenience. MoboMarket is the next step in offering a better integration between Android devices and the user's PC. It aims to establish a range of software and applications that are truly useful and customized to the user's needs.