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    This game is a Native/Web App. Play Mover as it was meant to be played. Play mover all over again with new backgrounds, bad guys and a whole new boss. Take on the adventure and save your friends from the evil Sparks, before he eats them alive. This game can be play on any android phone. Coming Soon, Tank! Note: Be sure to REFRESH SCREEN before playing game, so screen will resize to your phone. Note: Please be sure to uncheck auto-rotate screen under menu-setting-display if you want to lock screen. If you want the game to stop, just hit the escape/back key. If you want to play this game on iphone just go to michaelcolver.com/moversmall and bookmark it on your phone to save it. Do not save it out as home screen, if you do, you will have full screen, but no sound, due to this app being a web app. Thanks Visit my latest designs works at MichaelColver.com